HR recruitment officer
Job Purpose
  • Develop and manage various sourcing channels like Consultants, Vendors, Institutes & campus etc.
  • Manage cost of hiring and encourage cost free hiring as much as possible and according to organization mandate.
  • Assessing applicants' knowledge, skills, and experience to best suit open positions
  • Promoting the company's reputation and attractiveness as a good employment opportunity.
  • Keeping up-to-date on current employment legislation and regulations and enforcing them within the company
  • Organize recruitment drives, campus hiring, institutional hiring, referral programs hiring etc. Also in this pandemic era, using technology and innovative ways to touch base with prospective candidates. 
  • Interface with client and delivery of recruitment numbers with quality and Turnaround time.
  • Maintaining & publishing various trackers & MIS reports for SELF MONITORING for review with State/Zonal/National Manager, monthly. 
  • Communication & coordination with selected candidates 
  • Coordination with HR ops team for issuing the job offer letter for candidates.
  • Follow up with candidates for Offer letters acceptance.
  • Coordination with client managers on email/phone.
  • Maintaining MIS trackers & reports of all the activities for which RO is directly responsible to be able to track own performance & areas of improvement. 
  • Knowledge of recruitment software preferred ( People Strong )


Language: Hiindi, English
Job Type:  Full Time 
Quickly hire: Yes
Phone : 9075497495
Location: Kochi
Salary offer: ₹200000- ₹400000/per year
No of Position: 10